Books by Josh Medsker

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Cacophony – $15.00

Park (Selection) – $Free! (eBook Download)

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The Anonymous Chapbook Series

#1 You Are My Anti-Spam Hero – $8.00

#2 The Use of Travel – SOLD OUT

#3 The Time-Traveler’s Ass and Other Moderately Alaskan Situations – $3.00

#4 NO TITLE. SAMIZDAT. – $4.00

#5 Post-Apocalyptic Crackerverse Hypothesis by Devon “Peach” McGillis – $10.00

Un-Series-ed But Still Awesome

In the Course by Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald – $5.00

Fables of the Post-Millennium: Stories by Robert Moulthrop and Josh Medsker – $12.00

Fires by Eric Johnston and Josh Medsker – $3.00


Twenty-Four Hours ANTI-SELFIE Postcards (Pack of Ten) – $10.00