Vachel and Sara: a Play

What is it?

Vachel and Sara is a new play by Josh Medsker. It explores the complicated relationship between 2 extraordinary poets, Vachel Lindsay (1879 – 1931) and Sara Teasdale (1884 – 1933), using the lines from their poems and letters as dialogue.

Beginning in 1911, Lindsay and Teasdale began a life-long friendship that veered into romance. Vachel proposed to Sara, but she hesitated because of his constant traveling and performing, and his chronically unstable income. Sara truly loved Vachel and anxiously obsessed over how to proceed, which is seen in her letters to friends at the time. She ultimately married Ernst Filsinger, a close friend and admirer of her work. This unhappy marriage ended via telegram in 1929, Sara divorcing Ernst while she was living out of state. She then moved back to New York City, into her own apartment, blocks away from her old house near Central Park. Lindsay had been married to his wife Elizabeth and had children… and while his home life was happy enough, his finances remained a shambles. Vachel Lindsay committed suicide in 1931, overwhelmed by his ongoing financial troubles. Sara Teasdale, distraught by Lindsay’s death sunk further into depression and committed suicide as well, in 1933.


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