The Disappearing Poems Project


“By far the most unique and maybe even wildly eccentric of Medsker’s poetry projects. A commentary on the whole concept of social media.” –Trish Hopkinson, Rock Canyon Poets

“In this world of digital permanence, the idea of disappearing poetry is pretty unique.” – One Disappearing Poems reader


Disappearing Poems is a new initiative using Instagram’s disappearing photo feature. If you want to join you’ll have to contact me directly (either via email or directly on Instagram). Then I will send you a poem. You will only be able to view it once before it disappears forever. I don’t save any of the work on my end either, so it’s truly gone.

You will need:

1) A phone

2) An instagram account


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how our minds take in and store information… and how oppressive that information can become, in today’s overloaded world.

The fact that you are forced to take in the work all at once, knowing you’ll never be able to see it again seemed like a pretty powerful notion.


Email me at  Or look for me on Instagram. My name is Medskerpedia. Looking very forward to hearing from you guys! –JM