“6 Faces and 6 Statements Made by AI” – The Beard Gallery, Italy (2019)

FLAG SERIES | “Anarchy Flag”, “Rainbow Flag” and “1776-2016” – Wine Drunk Sidewalk (2019)

“Sunrise”. Une Tasse Cafe, Featured Artist. Bayonne, NJ. (2019)

“Untitled Asemic 3”. Otoliths. (2018)

“Untitled Asemic 1”, “Untitled Asemic 2”, “Ischemic Asemic Event – Version”. First Fall DOUBLE DECKER Salon Show. Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. (2018)

“Self-Portrait”. Droitwich Mail Art / ArtFest, Droitwich, England, UK. (2018)

“Birth of the Signs”, “Forming/Footing”, “Ischemic Asemic Event”. The New Post-Literate. (2018)

“Elemental”. Mail Art w/Lynn Marie Noden’s ROOT. Pratt Museum, Homer AK. (2017)

Music and Misc.

RADIAC – Various lyrics (2018)

3 Crass Poems – Vocal on “You’re Already Dead” and “Do They Owe Us a Living?”, with Sarah Nichols (2016)

Dreams – Writing on all, with Nathan Shafer and WISCON (2014)

Peel Sessions – Writing and Vocal on all, with WISCON (2012)

Wretched Josh Skims Wino – Writing and Vocal on all, with WISCON (2011)

Mir Wird Schlecht Anchorage Underground Compilation #1 – As Viceroys: Keyboards and Drum Machine on “Surf Song” (1994)

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