Medskerpedia Day 517: Glyconic

More fun with Greek metrics! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glyconic     What is this? Every day I write a poem based on that day’s entry from the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. For more info about joining Medskerpedia, or to chat about it, email me!


Four Don’ts for Writers

DON’T—Talk trash about other writers, either in public or in private. This will only make you seem small and petty. Get back to your own work. DON’T—Complain about how your work isn’t getting published. No one likes a whiner. DON’T—Confuse arrogance for strength. DON’T—Make lists telling other people how to behave. They are smart enough… Continue reading Four Don’ts for Writers


Medskerpedia Day 512: Germanic Prosody

I researched linguistics again for this one. Essentially it works in Germanic poetic structures (very close to English) into a poem I'd written a few years ago for Found Poetry Review's PULITZER REMIX project. The text is from Upton Sinclair's prize-winning novel Dragon's Teeth, about a young man becoming politicized during the onset of WWII… Continue reading Medskerpedia Day 512: Germanic Prosody